Veneficus Ex

EU   Grim Batol   Alliance

Veneficus Ex is a flexible heroic raiding guild. We are actively recruiting to get a larger roster. We do not seek to obtain any realm firsts; we are always aiming to clear all content “in our own time” because we recognize that people have other things to do in life than play World of Warcraft and real life should always come first. But that does not mean we are satisfied with lolling about in raids or that we don't take things seriously. When we raid, we expect all our raiders to be fully prepared for every encounter by reading up on tactics beforehand, bringing consumables, knowing their class in and out and being aware of what gear is best for them.

The average age in Vex is 25+ and we expect all our members to behave maturely and be civil to each other and people outside the guild. Several of our members have been here a really long time (up to 8 years) but the team is constantly rotating and there is always room for a new face.

We raid on Monday and Thursday starting at 20:30 realm time. On off-days we like to do achievements, dungeons, alt raids for fun, PvP or even play some other games together such as Overwatch, Heroes, Diablo, Hearthstone, Starcraft, GTA V, etc.

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